Mama, Tess en ik

Introduction to 'Mama, Tess en ik'
Expert of display during the exhibition 'Fuzzy Logic' (2016, Graduation Piet Zwart Institute) at V2
Expert from 'Mama'
Expert from 'Tess'
Expert from 'en ik'
Expert from 'en ik'
Expert from 'Mama' - Interpretation of the sentence: Mijn doek
Expert from 'Tess' - Interpretation of the word: Jeeej
Conclusion to 'Mama, Tess en ik'

The photobook series ‘Mama, Tess  en ik’ (2016) investigates the digital relationship Arantxa has with her mother and sister.

Each now living in a different country, they have grown apart over the last years. The books’ content switches from documentation within their individual worlds, to interpretations of specific words they use to each other within their digital communication. Wondering if this communication has perhaps changed their relationship, she analyses the communication vs. their own worlds and situations.

Asking for their visual interpretations to certain words they use within their communication, and using these visuals as images on their own she works together with them to tell their story. Experiencing these specific viewpoints in three separate books that focus on the different individuals, but showing the exact same chronological order and structure, she eventually finds the bond between them.

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Partly collaborated with Tess Gonlag and Claudia Engelhardt.




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