The Places in Between

The photobook ‘The Places in Between’ (2016) is an encrypted documentation of one day in the artists life. Our digital information can never be read completely because it is divided between different levels of accessibility, and without a source. Information provided by automated means, safeguarded only for certain people, not all.

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The stripes of paper are metaphors for the encryption levels you go through to get to her information. The information comes from automated bots inside all devices connected to the internet. This data shows that our (in) accurate information is out there, but that it takes some effort to go through this information to get a visual of the person behind the information. At the same time, it shows that some people do take such an effort and peel away so many layers, intruding our privacy.

The reason I decided to develop this concept to a physical book is the importance of the physical action. Like a classmate of the artist in question put it: “I’m afraid to take away the stripes, I feel like I’m invading your privacy” When you have only the clicking option within the digital environment you simply won’t feel the weight of this barrier.

This book is currently not for sale.