The project ‘Delay/Relay’ (2015 – recent) started from a fascination with old home videos, which are not really videos anymore. Remember those home videos our parents used to take when we were kids? The errors, low quality footage and slightly distorted images are the only memories some of us still have of that early time.

When the DVD player took over the VCR my dad recorded the videos onto a DVD so I could watch them on my computer. What resulted was a new kind of video: one with moments where the screen freezes due to the program in the computer which cannot read the frames that the video has build-in. Suddenly moments that were just passing by become more prominent as they linger on the screen for seconds, and sometimes even minutes. Parts of the videos get lost when these other images take over.

The imagery footage that take over felt like that: images. I combined all the moments within the footage that remain frozen, and took images out of the footage for every second they are frozen. What resulted are both a short films and a new kind of photoalbum in which these frozen ‘images’ that have taken over the weaker images that we will never see again, claim their importance within the digital age.

This project is in flux mode – being used for other projects as a basis and still finding it’s own perfect form of publication and/or meaning.