The Web Game

 ‘The Web Game ’ (2016) Was made during the Deep Web workshop at Makers Lab, Amsterdam by Melani de Luca, Gianluca Monaco, Camilo Cezar and Arantxa Gonlag. (Documentation photos during the workshop by Stef Arends, studio photos of the analogue version by Melani de Luca.)

‘The Web Game’ is realized both in an analogue version and a digital version to play with the different ways of experiencing the web. Showing that in order to understand and feel the web completely you need both the digital and the analogue experience.

In the digital version you interact with the web in the true 90’s Minesweeper style by finding mines as you click around. Coming across these mines you will find not only the negative sides to the different areas of the web, but also what makes these places within the web positive.

Where the digital version will let you understand what the effect is of the mines in question, the analogue version will allow you to see the depth of the web and the way the dark, deep and surface web are intertwined and move.

‘The Web Game’ was nominated for the Crypto Design Award 2017.