(Wi)reless (Fi)delity

The installation ‘(Wi)Reless (Fi)Delity’ (2015) was made during the research program ‘An Encyclopedia of Media Objects’ at the Piet Zwart Institute.

During this course the first years of the Media Design and Communication program of the Piet Zwart Institute were challenged to research the words Encyclopedia, Media and Object seperate form eachother, and build an encyclopedia which unites them.

Every student chose one object which fascinated them, as a source for the experiments. In my case I chose the object Wifi, which later transcended into Wireless. I have set out to create an encyclopedia that is free and abstract, but is still accurate in its roots. By deconstructing the word Wifi and Wireless I came upon different meanings that are related to Wireless. But the more I deconstructed the further the relations became.

Based on these far connections I chose thirteen ‘descriptions’ and applied a new object or image to these specific descriptions. What results is a display of many different objects, that at first sight have no relation to Wireless, but are in fact related.

As Wifi and Wireless work in a language we don’t understand, and more times often than not are encrypted in ways, I also designed an encryption code that names the objects, but is unreadable to us. The names are written on cards, and when turned, the cards show the description of the object and how it relates back to wireless.

In the installation alot of objects are hung in the air, to create the feeling of wirelessness, though they are visibly wired.